Selling Your Home

Today’s current housing market in the Carolinas is very complex.

The increase in demand coupled with a limited supply is making today’s Seller’s market often result in multiple offer situations. 

Even in this time of volatility, pricing your home correctly is of paramount importance.

Motivated buyers will see and compare everything on the market. Furthermore, appraisals are now extremely conservative; if a buyer were to offer over market value, it’s likely a seller would have to reduce the price to meet the appraised value.  And with demand where it is today, we often see buyers bringing exorbitant amounts to the closing table just to secure their purchase.

At Carolina Realty & Investing Group, we employ means of both modern and traditional marketing approaches. Through the use of digital platforms, social media, as well as personalized methods to showcase and promote your home, we can assist in every step of preparing your home for sale. We offer services for home staging and preparation consultation as well as pre-inspection and concierge services.

Staging can be as minor as touch-up paint and clutter reduction, to increased lighting and furniture storage, placement or rental. Our concierge services can supply you with vetted plumbers, electricians, and handymen to repair anything that may come up doing a buyer inspection. The goal is to maximize your homes showing experience.

From the first consultation to final signing, we’ll work with you each step of the way to ensure your experience is a memorable and positive one! We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and creating long-lasting relationships. At CRI, we will go out of the way to personalize the selling process for you! We are always available to answer your questions, and return phone calls promptly. We will explain in detail all the paperwork necessary to facilitate a successful transaction.

We’ve assembled some Information here that would be beneficial to you as a home seller. These are just some of the many topics we will discuss when planning to sell your home. Feel free to utilize these resources, and to Contact Us with any questions you may have!

Factors which influence Your Home Appreciation

Home values are continually changing. Almost always, home values appreciate, long term. Are you in need of help to understand how Mecklenburg County and surrounding area homes appreciate? When your home appreciates you have a greater asset against which to borrow; and you’re able to profit when you sell. 

There are a number of key factors which influence property values in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas.  In order to determine how well your investment may appreciate over time, it is important to select an agent who can identify the factors that affect local real estate market pricing.

What is my Home Worth?

The economy is believed to be the number one factor affecting real estate appreciation. Obviously, there are a number of issues on a national scale that can affect your home’s value: unemployment, interest rates, inflation, and more. But the most significant issues that decide your home’s value are specific to the local market area economy.

Charlotte has become a hotbed for immigration.  With average income and salaries, as well as tax rates on par with the national average, Charlotte has seen considerable increases in its job market, with a predicted increase to be that of over 10% the national average.

People love the idea of living in Charlotte and the Carolinas, and our Real Estate market is quite reflective of that.

When considering a home purchase in and around the Charlotte area, these are some of the key factors we recommend for your consideration:

Location, Location, Location – Many of us desire for our families to live in a community that is  easily accessible to useful amenities, schools, work, recreational facilities, and places of worship. Neighborhoods local to a wide variety of choice for these, usually appreciate, or carry their value consistently, year to year.

The Local economy – Are work opportunities in the area blended well, or does it rely specifically on  just one or few industries? Are businesses moving into or out of the area? Are local businesses hiring? What does the daily commute in and out look like?  Is the area heavily congested or are the transportation options well designed and balanced for comfortable daily travel.   All these play a vital role in the longevity and growth of a local economy.

Sales history – How long or short do houses remain on the market for sale? What is the price action history of a neighborhood? While some relevant  information can often be retrieved from the public record, as your agent with access to the local MLS, along with our expertise, we will often be able to provide for you a more complete picture.

Appreciation performance – What has been the 5 and 10 year appreciation performance in a community? Is the area growing increasingly desirable and popular due to location or affordability?

As your local market experts, Contact Us to discuss how you can benefit from the appreciation of your home’s value.

Valuing Your Home

Foremost, prior to listing your home for sale, you’ll need to establish the value of your home so as to set it’s sale price and the marketing strategy we will employ.  It is also of practical importance to obtain an accurate value of any home you’ll plan to purchase. 

At Carolina Realty & Investing Group, relying on our expertise in the Charlotte and surrounding market, we can perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and comprise a realistic fair-market valuation of your home or prospective home.

Feel free to fill out our CMA Request Form and we will contact you as promptly as possible to discuss your home valuation.

Pricing Your Home

How to Optimize the Price of Your Home

Selling your home quickly and at the best possible price requires not only a good marketing strategy but also the expertise of a good agent who can negotiate on your behalf.  It is our job to assure you as many qualified offers as possible, so we can evaluate the merits of each and choose the best suitable offer.  It is prudent to weigh all the factors of an offer and choose the best one, especially in today’s market where you are likely to receive  multiple offers.  Optimizing your price does not always mean accepting the highest offer. 

One of the most important elements of marketing your home effectively is setting the price right. Set the price too high, and you won’t get any offers and your home will take too long to sell. Set it too low and you cheat yourself by not getting your home’s full, fair value. As experts in Charlotte and surrounding area markets, we analyze the market and set area home prices every single day. We’ll work closely with you to assure that everything possible is done to get the optimal price and timing, with minimal stress.

The Art of the Deal

Appearance and condition also play a critical role in getting the perfect offer on your home. We’ll personally walk through your home with you and advise you of what you can do to properly stage your home most effectively.  As experienced agents, we’re generally able to point out easy and inexpensive things you can do to accentuate your home to create a prospective  emotional response and sense of urgency.

Getting you the best price and terms of sale is not only our job, but a pillar of our agency.  While real estate negotiations and contracts can be complex and intimidating we work through these with you, negotiating tirelessly on your behalf.

As your agent, your best interests are always protected. Contact Us Today!

The Listing Process

The listing contract, also referred to as the listing agreement, is a contract by which a property owner gives authority to a real estate broker to find a buyer and negotiate the terms of sale.  Unlike the real estate contract which stipulates the terms of sale, the listing agreement is an employment contract authorizing the broker to represent the seller.  

All real estate contracts must be in writing. 

This listing agreement is a personal services contract between you and your broker containing all the terms and conditions by which you authorize and employ the services of the broker.

Typically calculated as a percentage of the sales price of the property, commission is the tender by which the contract will be held valid, specifying the timing, terms and payment due to the broker.  Under the listing contract, if the seller backs out of an acceptable offer to purchase, the broker is still entitled to his or her commission to cover the expense of their marketing efforts.

Everyone with title interest in the property must be part of the sale, and hence part of the listing contract.  

Typical listing agreement terms are for 180 days and renewable.  Never sign a listing contract without a stated termination date.

The listing contract is a legal document by which the seller is bound.  As with any legal document, you should read the listing contract very carefully.  

We can go over it together, line by line so you can be sure to understand exactly what you are agreeing, before signing.  

If you have any questions about your listing contract, Contact Us and we can help answer them, or point you in the direction of a legal representative that can!

Setting the Stage

Prior to putting your house on the market, you may want to consider professional home staging services.  Staging your home paints a picture that can trigger any number of emotional reasons to buy.

Home staging is a proven strategy for selling homes quickly and  with a higher number of offers.  Together, we’ll make staging your home a fun and enjoyable experience.

Here are some areas in which we will concentrate on when staging your home:

Curb Appeal

Starting with the outside we will evaluate your home’s curb appeal, how can we best attract buyers from the street?  What stands out? What positive  features do we want to accentuate, and what features may need to be changed or eliminated?  Paint? Landscaping? Roof?

Welcome Home

Is your home inviting and welcoming? Let’s work together to look at areas where we can reduce clutter, create warmth, while building a feeling of comfort and safety.

Believe it or not, simple things such as paint colors, furniture arrangements, and sparkling windows, can make all the difference in how prospective buyers will picture themselves living in their home.  Let’s make your home theirs.

Setting the Stage

In the short time that your house will be on the market, it is important to capture the buyer’s imagination. 

Raising the shades and turning on the lights along with a fresh scent and background music make for an inviting atmosphere. Buyers should feel like they are touring their future home.

Contact Us and we will make sure that happens!  Let’s get you ready for the Show!

Showing Your Home

The greater the number of showings will translate to getting your home sold quickly.  A buyers’ agent must be able to have easy and convenient access to your property in order to effectively show it.

If agreeable, we’ll want to install a lockbox on your home for convenient access. Homes listed as being “lock box, no appointment needed” have more frequent showings than those listed as “agent has key, call f