Service Pricing

Please reference the following pricing table as a guide for charges which may be imposed when affecting repairs and/or vacating a lease.

Pricing may vary based on appliance, brand, availability of parts and/or materials and supplies as well as the degree of cleaning required.
Pricing is subject to change without notice.


Clean Stovetop/Under burners$25
Excessive Food/Grease$55
Clean Oven/Drawer$40
Excessive Food/Grease$48
Replace Drip Pans (each)$10
Replace Stove Burner$50
Replace Stove Knob$20
Clean Cabinets/Drawers$50
Remove items left in cabinets/drawers$60
Clean Microwave$15
Excessive Food/Grease$35
Clean Dishwasher$20
Clean Range Hood$25
Excessive Food/Grease$40
Sweep/Mop Floor$25
Clean Refrigerator/Freezer$70
Remove food left in refrigerator/freezer$70
Repair/Replace Garbage Disposal$175
Replace Disposal Cover$15
Replace Sink Sprayer$50
Clean Sink Area$20
Replace Sink Strainer Basket$15


Replace Toilet Paper Holder$30
Replace Toilet Paper Holder Rod$10
Clean Toilet Paper/Towel Holders$5
Clean Medicine Cabinet$10
Clean Exhaust Vent$10
Replace Toilet Seat$30
Replace Toilet Tank Cover$70
Replace Flush Valve$95
Replace Flapper$35
Replace Flush Handle$25
Clean Toilet$20
Clean Bathroom Floor$20
Caulk Tub/Shower$50 and up
Clean Tub Enclosure$25
Excessive Soap Scum/Mildew$25
Clean Bathroom Cabinets/Drawers$25
Remove items left in cabinets/drawers$45
Replace Sink Stopper/ Drain Assembly$85
Clean Bathroom Sink Area$24
Replace Metal Soap Dish$30
Replace Ceramic Soap Dish$60


Clean Washer/Dryer$20
Clean Laundry Floor$25
Paint Laundry Room/Area$150


Vacuum Floors (each)$20
Shampoo Carpets (each room)$50
Replace CarpetActual Cost


Sweep/Mop (each)$20
Wax (each)$30
Sand & RefinishActual Cost


Clean Windows (each)$15
Glass ReplacementActual Cost


Clean/Dust (each)$20
Replace Slats (up to 10)$20
Replace Blind Rod$15


Clean Slats$30
Replace Slats (up to 10)$25
Replace Entire BlindActual Cost


Clean Chandeliers$25
Replace ChandeliersActual Cost
Clean Light Fixtures$10
Replace Light FixturesActual Cost
Clean Ceiling Fans$20
Replace/Repair Ceiling FansActual Cost
Replace Globes$25 and up


Clean Switch Plates/Outlet Covers$5
Replace Cover$10
Repair Outlet/Switch$65
Replace Light Bulbs (each)$5 and up
Replace Fluorescent Bulbs$20
Replace Smoke Detector$50
Replace Co2 Detector$65
Replace Batteries$15

WALLS & MOLDING - (Per Room)

Dust/Clean Baseboards$25
Paint Walls Only
(depending on room size)
$200 – $400
Paint Baseboards Only$75
Paint All Molding$75
Paint Closets$75
Prime for Color Change
(depending on room size)
$150 – $400
Decals/Stickers (each)$10
Wallpaper/Border RemovalActual Cost
Wallpaper Apply/RemovalActual Cost
Wash Walls$75

CEILINGS - (Per Room)

Water Damage RepairsActual Cost
Remove Texture/Re-TextureActual Cost
Repair Cracks$35


Repair/ReplaceActual Cost
Repair Burns (each)Actual Cost


Change HVAC Filter$20
Clean Vents/Returns$15
Reinstall Smoke/Co2 Alarm$30
Repair/Replace Doorbell$50
Clean Fireplace$25
Replace Door Knobs$40
Replace Door Stops$10
Replace DoorActual Cost
Debris Remove (per load)$90 and up
Excess Roach DebrisActual Cost
Repair Bi-fold DoorsActual Cost
Re-hang Door$90
Repair Handrail$25 and up


Clean Gutters (per story)$110
Trim Shrubs/Trees$65 and up
Clean Crawl SpaceActual Cost
Clean Out Storage BuildingsActual Cost
Replace Foundation Vent(s) (each)$45